Excursion «The Ancient Rus»

The “Ancient Rus” programme will introduce the guests to original Russian traditions. During the programme the participants will have a chance to take part in handicraft workshops, games and entertainment. Our guests will learn how their ancestors used to live in the period of Ancient Rus State establishment in X-XI centuries. Any visitor can see with his or her own eyes how the ancient magic was cast, because nothing can be more fascinating than our ancestors’ handicraft which let them make unbelievably beautiful things from what the nature had given them (iron, glass, bones and clay).

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1. Theoretical part (guests take part) “Prince’s judgement”. A general acquaintance with the museum in the “Ancient Rus” room. A prince or a man-at-arms meets the guests and tells them about the “Viking Epoch”. This part also includes the games “Get the item right” and “Dress the knight”. The short story is based on the example of an archaeological expedition. Duration 15 minutes.

2. Photos with museum showpieces and art objects. Tour over the exposition. Guests have 15 minutes to take photos in costumes, armor, and interior.

3. Theoretical part — duration 30 minutes.

4. Active part — duration 30 minutes.

Tour price is 16 000 roubles. The maximum group size is 25 people. Programme duration is 1 hour 20 minutes (it is possible to increase the programme duration by virtue of an additional part)

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