Excursion «The Defense of Moscow»

Many books have been written and many films have been shot about the Defense of Moscow, but modern people like us look at the theme of the defense more from the outside point of view. There are not many veterans who are still alive – the people who personally fought in battles of Moscow, who pulled their duty on the roofs during air attacks, who worked at factories for the sake of the Victory. We are proud of their unfadable act of courage and honor their memory. But we will never know what it feels like when in times of peaceful life you hear Levitan’s severe voice from a loudspeaker: “Today at 4 o'clock a.m., without a declaration of war…”. We offer you a unique chance to immerse yourselves in that far-off summer of 1941 and feel how Moscow lived during the war and how Muscovites fought for the Victory.

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1. Theoretical part “Frontline” (guests take part). This theoretical part is held in educative and playing form. Guests will try to deal with assignments and quizzes on the subject of commanders and heroes. Tactical and strategic tasks are introduced on maps. Duration: 15 minutes.

2. Tour over the exposition; photographing in front of showpieces. Guests may use costumes and uniforms in order to take photos in appropriate surroundings. Duration: 15 minutes.

3. Theoretical part — duration 30 minutes.

4. Active part — duration 30 minutes.

Tour price is 16 000 roubles. The maximum group size is 25 people. Programme duration is 1 hour 20 minutes (it is possible to increase the programme duration by virtue of an additional part)

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