Excursion «The Time Of Troubles»

The program is devoted to the history of the Russian state development during the 16th-17th centuries. The events occurred at the turn of the 17th century got the name of “Time of Troubles” following the example of contemporaries. These hard times affected all aspects of Russian life – economy, governance, domestic and foreign policies, ideology and morality. We will show you a little of how the people lived in those tough times.

Exhibition areas will present to the audience handicrafts and games of the 16th-17th centuries. You will be able to try yourself as a medieval artisan. Cheerful and interesting games will not allow our guests of all ages to stay indifferent.

The troops of streltsy (Russian guardsmen from the 16th to the early 18th centuries) will demonstrate its training and skills in matchlock guns handling. The guests will see the appearance of the warriors who defeated the Polish intervention in the 17th century and defended the independence of our state during this tough time of the historical development.

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1. Theoretical part “The judgment of tsar” (guests take part). A general acquaintance with the museum in the “Torture chamber” room. Guests are met by the strelets, who tells about the history of “Time of Troubles”. This part includes games “Guess an item” or “Dress the strelets”. The strelets tells a short story in the context of the exposition. Duration 15 minutes.

2. Photography of museum showpieces and art objects. Tour over the exposition. Guests may use costumes and armour in order to take photos in appropriate surroundings. Duration 15 minutes.

3. Theoretical part — duration 30 minutes.

4. Active part — duration 30 minutes.

Tour price is 16 000 roubles. The maximum group size is 25 people. Programme duration is 1 hour 20 minutes (it is possible to increase the programme duration by virtue of an additional part)

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